New online casinos ranking 2022

New online casinos in Australia in 2021 come and go, and it is frequently hard to keep track of all the changes. Add to that technical prohibition of gambling in the country and harsh regulations of the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 (with the 2016 amendment). As a result, you get a perfect mixture of reasons to quit or not start playing online. But we are here to tell you that gambling in Australia is possible! So if you like playing and are currently looking for the best online casino in Australia 2021, then you are in the right place!

Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner in the world of gambling, we have selected reliable and fair online casinos for every gamer. The new format of online casinos for Aussies helps get customized services with the best deals within a couple of clicks. See the list of the best casinos in Australia in 2021, and learn a couple of tips on how to choose the right one.

What are new online casinos?

We’d like to stop for a second and define what ‘new’ and ‘old’ means in the context of an online casino in Australia in 2021, and what you should be expecting.

You have probably heard that Australia has very strict regulations for casinos of all kinds. All of them are collected in the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) of 2001, and for the past 20 years, gamblers were using the loopholes in the original and amended act to play their favorite games. Later on, the government prohibited all kinds of gambling within the country (including but not limited to table games, slots, etc.) This means that currently no online casino available in Australia actually has an Australian license to do so.

When it comes to the new online casinos in Australia in 2021, they follow the rules. They are not registered in Australia and operate under international gambling legislation and the local restrictions applied in the country of license registration. These latest additions to the gambling world appear on the market pretty often, so we understand that even experienced players might get lost in the offer. While looking for a new casino to play, the tip is to look for the new venues. Why? Because new casinos tend to provide much better starting deals and guarantee a higher winning rate for the players. In a nutshell, you get higher chances to win by playing in a new place.

100% First Deposit Bonus Up to 500 AUD + 100 Free Spins
  • Playamo is a new online casino for Australian gamblers.
  • It was established in 2016 and offers over 1800 games from several of the best game developers on the Internet.
  • Over 15 Languages
  • Over 10 Currencies
  • Over 10 Deposit Methods
Spin Samurai
First Deposit Bonus up to 1200 AUD + 75 FreeSpins
  • Spin Samurai is a relatively new online casino that started in 2020.
  • This casino has been serving a large variety of games from the top software providers in the online casino and gaming space.
  • Spin Samurai is one of the newest online casinos. It was founded in 2020 and is owned and operated by Dama NV.
  • Over 10 Languages
  • Over 15 Currencies
  • Over 15 Deposit Methods
First Deposit Bonus Up To 1500 AUD + 150 FreeSpins
  • Rocket casino launched in 2020 and already a well-known brand in the iGaming.
  • This casino offers interesting bonuses, VIP program, a large collection of real money casino games. Full review of Casino Rocket here!
  • Over 3 Languages
  • Over 10 Currencies
  • Over 11 Deposit Methods
National Casino
100% First Deposit Bonus Up To 500 AUD +100 FreeSpins
  • National chose quality over quantity, and it went well so far.
  • The two options available have very enticing prize pools and low wagering requirements, which is awesome. Look no further and bust in an exciting competition.
  • Over 10 Languages
  • Over 10 Currensies
  • Over 15 Deposit Methods
woo casino
First Deposit Bonus Up To 300 AUD + 200 FreeSpins
  • Woo Casino is quite a new online casino operator yet it already can offer an amazing collection of card games and pokies.
  • An engaging VIP program, many different banking options for deposits and withdrawals, and please its players with easy to use page navigation.
  • Over 10 Languages
  • Over 10 Currencies
  • Over 10 Deposit methods

Things to consider when choosing a new online casino

Selecting the best online casino in Australia in 2021 is not a challenge since the market has a wide range of options to choose from. However, you need to understand the definition of the ‘best casino’ for you personally, and this might be tricky. Some players prioritize welcome bonuses, while others pay more attention to the withdrawal regulations. Think which casino feature is more important for you, whereas reading the tips below.

Welcome bonuses and loyal player promotions

Welcome bonuses can vary but they always sound lucrative. You need to carefully review what you are offered because sometimes it’s better to get a welcome bonus rather than a no-deposit bonus. Here’s why:

  • Welcome bonus: you get X% bonus for the first deposit. You deposit A$100 and get A$200 for a 100% welcome bonus. But you might be subject to lower payout rules. Check the regulations closely.
  • No-deposit bonus: You sign up and already have A$20 on your account to get started. Sounds perfect to learn more about a casino. But be aware that no-deposit bonuses frequently go hand in hand with stricter and higher wagering requirements or you will be obliged to make a deposit to withdraw the funds later on.
  • Free spins: You get free spins on the limited games. Again, this maybe subject to regulation, but generally, free spins are the most straightforward welcome bonus for a new player.

The loyalty programs can also include the points above, but if you are a high-stakes player, check with the casino what they can offer you. For instance, you might expect better withdrawal deals or higher percentages on a win. Some casinos also have points system which puts you level by level to the better deals, better games, and better regulations. Learn which programs are available whenever you plan to play longer at one venue as it can offer a great winning advantage.

Casino software providers

Always check who developed the casino you selected. The name would signify fairness, safety, and trustworthiness of the venue. For instance, if you see names like Evolution Gaming or IGT, you can sign up right away. Developers like Play N’ Go or Quickspin also have a great reputation. Verification of this info might take some time, but knowing the developer can guarantee you the good experience.

Games library

The more games, the better. This rule is simple. Check what a casino has to offer and use your free spins to see the game in action including its graphics and overall narrative.

Payment methods

Same as above. Large number of different payment methods gives you the freedom to choose and utilize your funds for depositing and withdrawing. But the important note here is to play at a casino that offers your preferred payment method (be it cryptocurrency, card, or bank).

Payouts time and rules

Funds withdrawal time mostly depends on the time a casino takes to review your withdrawal request. Generally, this information won’t be open to you but you can always request details on it through the casino’s support page. This is what you can expect:

Method of paymentPayout time (in business days)
Debit/credit card3-6
Bank transfer5-8

Remember that the payouts can be restricted in time, frequency, and amount. So it’s better to learn these details before signing up for a new online casino in Australia 2021.

New casino bonuses and bonus codes

We have already covered welcome bonuses for new players as well as loyalty programs that you need to review before signing up. But here is a couple more bonuse options that you can enjoy in a new casino:

  • Sticky bonus. You get free money to play but you can’t withdraw them. The only payout you can get is your winning.
  • Match bonus. Your deposit is doubled or tripled, depending on the offer. Beware of the deposit limits in this case and carefully read the bonus description.

And don’t forget about the bonus codes. Casinos release special bonus codes that allow to play without depositing or to double your bet if you win. These codes can be found in special sets online like on our website. By using them, you can basically use the benefits of a particular casino at fullest.

Advantages and disadvantages of new online casinos

New gambling market additions may sound like a charm – offering the novelty, the lucrativeness, and the wins. But not everything is as perfect as it sounds. Even the best online casino in Australia of 2021 would have both pros and cons for every player to consider. We are not trying to scare you off but want to ensure that when you choose a casino, you go through both lists and make an informed decision.

Advantages of new online casinos

  • Top tech backend and features. The world of technology advances every minute, and every new online casino in Australia in 2021 embraces all the perks the new tech has to offer. You don’t need to know much about the casino infrastructure or architecture, but you can definitely feel the website speed, enjoy enhanced navigation and site map, appreciate gamification of the user journey, etc. Moreover, with more strict regulations regarding accessibility, many new casinos offer high-contrast site versions and adapt their content to screen readers to provide the highest comfort from playing for every customer.
  • Wide game selection. Any casino has a classic poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, etc. But classics tend to get boring at some point. New casinos have a huge advantage of having top game researchers, designers, and developers on board. They adapt the classic idea in a new game through design and logic alternation. And remember that new casinos are here to surprise, so you can expect new selections to go live every now and then.
  • New bonuses. Let’s face it, bonuses are among the top things a new player would check in a new casino, regardless of the gaming experience. So bonuses are a big deal for any online casino in Australia in 2021. The well-established websites tend to lower the attractiveness of bonus programs as they already have loyal clients. New casinos struggle and fight in the market to acquire their own share of online gamers. That’s why in a new venue, you are likely to get much more interesting and attractive start bonuses, and loyalty programs. You can expect free spins to get started, match bonuses for new customers, and even money bonuses can be on the table. But besides welcoming perks, the retention packages and programs also tend to be more inventive and up-to-date. With new casinos, you can always expect a good deal with new packaging.
  • Attractiveness of the novelty. The novelty of a new casino may come in a range of options: from the appealing UI of the website to the gamification of your journey on the pages. Many new online casinos in Australia of 2021 introduce the intrigue of tournaments for different games or put the stakes on the lower wager requirements for the new sign-ups. As the goal of any casino is to attract and retain its players, new spots have an abundance of new features and tricks up their sleeves to keep new gamers interested and involved.
  • Improved money operations. This point is also related to the previous two – a new casino needs to get you in, so you can expect much better winning rates for the available games. Under the winning rate, we are saying about the probability of winning in a particular casino game. But besides the chances, you are likely to get a higher winning prize and more intuitive and reliable bankroll regulations. Generally, money-handling operations are significantly better in new casinos due to the technological involvement in this business. You can get more currencies involved, have better exchange rates, and even gamble on crypto. Many of the old-fashioned casinos still stay aside from the new payment methods.
  • Support team. 24/7 support is not a novelty, but multiple languages and live chats can be a great perk if you are an immigrant to Australia. New casinos are famous for the instant support and well-trained operators that can resolve any issue right away.

Disadvantages of new online casinos

Of course, we are not planning to turn you onto the gaming side by saying that all is great with online casinos. There are dark spots on casino reputation and disadvantages to joining a new website. But we’d like to stress that by knowing these red flags below you can pay closer attention to the selection of your next gambling parlor and get into the right online casino.

  • General untrustworthiness. An online casino can be set up by anyone, but not everyone can get a license and handle the business the right way. To avoid getting scammed by an untrustworthy website, just stick to the new yet verified casinos. You can check our list for the vetted places to get started.
  • Lower withdrawal limits. Young casinos need to keep the money in to pay for the prizes and to keep the players in the game. High-stake players need to verify a casino’s limit not to meet this inconvenience later. However, this peculiarity will not be a problem for a beginner.
  • Lack of certifications. Licensing, RNG certification, RTP data – all these take time to calculate, officiate, and release to the players. While the return-to-player rate might be skipped, license and random number generator are must-haves for an online casino in Australia in 2021. Young casinos might skip these, and this is a huge disadvantage for both them and you. As a gamer, you only need to verify the casino’s reputation and licensing information; reputable places will always showcase this information in the website footer or some other open-access place of their website.
  • No track record. This is natural for any new place not to have any track record or reviews. Nonetheless, it is scary to put your money and identity data into the hands of unverified people. While this is a tricky disadvantage, we still advise getting in business only with a proven casino that has a record, reviews, ranking, and trust in the market. 

How to sign-up at new online casinos

All new online casinos in Australia in 2021 require their players to register before making the first bet. Some would allow checking the website and seeing the list of games and rules to give you the options, but some would need you to sign up even to browse the pages.

Generally, at the registration, you will need to provide the following details:

  1. First and last name
  2. Email
  3. Password
  4. Currency
  5. Address
  6. Contact phone number
  7. Birthday

This info would be enough to get you started in a casino. Yet, when you decide to claim your bonus and start playing, the casino would also ask you to provide your payment details, such as bank name, bank account/card number, etc.

The important thing about the registration in an online casino is to provide your real data, just as it appears on your legal documents. At some point, when you are adding bank details, they need to match the profile data, otherwise you will not be able to top up your account or make a withdrawal later on. So if you want just to browse, dummy data is fine; but once you decide to play, set up a new account with genuine personal details.

Is it safe to play at new online casinos

Yes, if the selected casino has been properly vetted.

It is always good to vet the casino yourself (check review, license, etc.) but if you don’t have time to do so, then join the ranks of player who rely on experts in casino vetting. We take special care of our players to ensure that you get the best online casino in Australia in 2021. We have people playing in all the listed casinos to verify their services and guarantee that your data is kept safe, you can withdraw your winnings, and you generally get a positive experience with the chosen website.

The basic verification we do (and still advise you to follow) includes: 

  • License. This is a must-have with no exception.
  • Data encryption. SSL encryption is essential to keep your personal and payment data secured from hackers.
  • RNG certificate. Not a must, but still an important one. It guarantees that the casino is not tempering with your chances.
  • Fairness certificate. Special independent agencies (such as iTech Labs or eCOGRA) test online casinos to guarantee they are fair. New casinos do not consider this a must-have feature to open a new place, yet, we strongly advise playing only in casinos with this certification.
  • Terms and conditions. This page will likely be open to you but what matters is content on it. After reading you need to have answers to any of the questions you had. If the language is too complex and you feel like something is missing, skip this casino.

Games. Good casinos give you options instead of limiting you to 10 games. Search for places with many games and new variations.


Can I get a better bonus playing at a new casino?

For sure. New online casinos in Australia in 2021 engage in a race to attract and retain new players, so the bonuses get even better with every new casino in the market.

Is it safe to play at new online casinos?

It depends on your choice of a place. We mentioned in the article that a casino needs to be trustworthy and reliable to be called safe. This means licensing and certification, well-known software developer, multiple games, engaging bonus system, etc. If the basic criteria are met and you can find the selected casino on our website, then we say ‘yes, it is safe’. However, when you cannot find any reviews or info about a casino, we say ‘no, it is definitely not safe’. In short, if you want a good new online casino to play in Australia, check our listing for the trustworthy websites.

Where can I find the most reliable new online casino sites?

Here. This is a one-stop place to find the best match for your gambling requirements. Whether you are a new player who is still sizing up the market or an established high-stakes gambler, we have casinos you can choose from.

Do new casinos offer the most recent games?

Most probably. Newer casinos implement the latest tech advancements existing so their games and variations on the traditional casino entertainment are usually top-shelf.

How to decide what new online casino to play at?

You should first understand what you want: which games you are interested in, what funds you are willing to invest, and how often you plan to engage in gambling. With this set of requirements, come to our website and scroll through the short descriptions and reviews for each casino to select the right fit. You only need to consider your preferences, the rest we will do for you.

Are my winnings safe?

When you select the best online casino in Australia in 2021, you know that your funds are safe. New casinos have top-notch technological backend with encrypted data and secure payments. Licensing guarantees that the owners have implemented all security measures. And, finally, regular casino audits conducted by third parties and governments randomly ensure security and safety of the players’ winnings.

I have read complaints about brand new online casinos, so should I still consider them?

Don’t sign up to casinos if you are not 100% sure in their reliability. There are thousands of options available so don’t waste time on blacklist checks or reviews comparison. Pick a place from our list and get guaranteed quality of playing.

If I already registered at an online casino, should I register at a new casino?

Free spins, welcome bonuses, and loyalty systems have been invented for a reason – to give you the freedom of choosing the right fit. If you have already found your place of interest, then checking out new players won’t hurt your wallet. Go for trials, make small deposits and see which new casino works better for you.

Why do new casinos online give away bonuses?

Bonuses are meant to give players a free trial of what they get after signing up and becoming returning customers. This is a win-win scenario where the casino attracts new players at no cost, while a player tries out different venues at no cost.